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Meet The CPAs & Financial Advisors of Casey Peterson, Ltd.

Trust and teamwork. That's what the professionals at Casey Peterson, Ltd. believe is the best approach to helping our clients get the best possible experience. Our highly-trained staff are the utmost professionals and experts in their specialty. We believe in good service, integrity, and giving back.

Mark Lyons, CPA
Managing Shareholder
Casey Peterson, CPA, AEP, PFS
Founder, Shareholder
Cheryl Kenitzer, CPA, CFE
Shareholder, Gillette Manager
Deidre Budahl, CPA, MBA, CGMA
John Mitchell, CPA, CVA, CFP
Kayce Gerlach, CPA, CGMA, CEPA
Kevin Eggebraaten, CPA
Michael P. Dell, M.S., CPA, CTRS
Sheila Jackson, CPA, CVA, CGMA
Income Partner
Tom Jasiak, CPA
Income Partner
Stan Torneten
Firm Administrator
DeShayne Hoag, CPA
Audit Manager
Devin Pfaff, CPA
Audit Manager
Kelly Foreman, CPA
Audit Manager
Paul Rodriguez, CPA
Accounting Services Manager
Jennie Steinmetz, CPA
Tax Services Manager
Amanda Leithauser
Amira Loveridge
Angel Martin
Brad Barclay
Brenda Houk
Cady Halverson
Cayla Sadler
Charles Frizzell
Connie Fischer, CPA
Denetta Horan
Devon Hochstetter
Elise Miller, CPA
Emily Morris, CPA
Fernanda Montoya
Garth Sandberg
Jackie Jermolenko
Jen Carda
Joey Vrooman, CPA
John Miller
Julie Tinnin
Kari Hill, CPA
Kayla Giesey, CPA
Kimberly Robinson
Krista Chisolm
Krista Hofer
Leah Heidler, CPA
Liddy Rohrbach
Lori Larson, CPA
Matt Mickley
Melanie Jobgen, CPA
Nanette Oukrop
Nathan Burkhalter
Neil Frizzell
Niki Mohr, CPA
Renee' Jibben
Roni Carmichael
Ryan Chavez
Samantha Smith
Scott Radley
Sheila Hill
Stacy Torneten
Tammi Martin
Thane Lees
Trait Thorne
Zach Van Sambeek, CPA

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