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Audit & Assurance Services

Uncomplicate Your Audit Process

Audit and assurance services can help you manage risks and fulfill requirements from banks, funding agencies, and insurance companies. Not sure what level of assurance your organization needs? Check out our free ebook. And when you need an accounting and auditing firm you can trust, partner with the audit CPAs and accountants at Casey Peterson, LTD.

Audits are complicated. Choosing the right auditing firm isn’t.

Your organization deserves exceptional service from an accounting and auditing firm that understands your challenges and unique situation. Our dedicated team of audit CPAs take a personalized approach with every organization we work with. That way, you get deliverables and advice that’s tailored to you.

Agreed Upon Procedures

Does your organization need assurance about a specific matter, but you don’t want the cost and stress of a full audit? An agreed upon procedure from an accounting and auditing firm you trust is a good option.

Casey Peterson Audit Procedures

Audit Preparation Services

If your organization isn’t prepared for an upcoming audit, it could cost you money as the auditors’ hours asking for documents and questions start to add up. Leaving your audit prep in the hands of a reputable accounting and auditing firm like Casey Peterson, LTD can reduce unnecessary stress on key members of your company.

Audit, Compilation and Review

Don’t forget to check our free ebook for comprehensive definitions of compilations, reviews, and audits to decide which one is right for your organization.

  • A compilation is on the lower end of the assurance side and is usually appropriate when an organization is seeking initial or lower amounts of financing or credit, or there is significant collateral. Outside parties may appreciate the business’s association with an audit CPA.
  • A review is usually more appropriate as an organization grows and seeks larger, more complex levels of financing and credit. It’s also useful when owners want more confidence in their financial statements to evaluate results and make business decisions.
  • The audit is the highest level of assurance service that accounting and auditing firm performs. It’s meant to provide a high level of comfort about the accuracy of your organization’s financial statements. It’s usually appropriate and often required when an organization seeks complex or high levels of financing and credit. It’s also a good option when an organization is looking for outside investors, seeking to sell the business, or considering a merger.

Risk Advisory, Internal Audit and Internal Controls

Do you know where your organization is at risk for fraud, errors, or noncompliance? Internal audit is a key function for ongoing risk assessment, risk management, and process improvement. And working with the right accounting and auditing firm can make the process much smoother.

Single Audit

Governments and nonprofits that spend more than $750,000 in federal funds during a single year have to have a single audit. There are a lot of complex requirements, so partnering with a trusted auditing firm is important.

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