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The tourism industry supports 15.7 million American jobs and is the seventh largest private industry sector. In South Dakota, tourism supports nearly 55,000 jobs. In Wyoming, it represents about 12% of the state’s workforce. The seasonality of this industry can create tax and accounting challenges. That’s where the tax advisors, accountants, and CPAs at Casey Peterson, LTD come in. We understand state sales, tourism, and lodging taxes, as well as other unique accounting and audit requirements of the tourism and hospitality industry. We help you organize your financial obligations so you can focus on giving visitors the best experience possible.

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Not only does the seasonality of travel change the way you collect and file taxes, the industry itself has several additional fees that must also be collected. Taxes like state tourism promotion tax, occupancy tax, Downtown Improvement District, Business Improvement District taxes, municipal sales and gross receipts tax, sales taxes, and others. That’s why you need the Tourism & Hospitality team at Casey Peterson, LTD. We understand the tax laws, and we can help you comply.

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The seasonality of the tourism industry creates unique tax and accounting challenges. Contact our team and see how we can assist you.

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