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affordable care act consulting

With changes in the administration, the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is unknown. But this we do know. Whatever happens, the experts at Casey Peterson, Ltd. will be there for you. We’ll be ready to answer your questions and help you navigate the waters of change.

In the meantime, companies must still be ACA compliant. To make this process easier, Casey Peterson, Ltd. has partnered with employment law firm, Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete LLP, to bring employers the legal and accounting expertise necessary to discuss design of health plans and workforce in order to determine whether to “Pay or Play."

Casey Peterson, Ltd. consultants can also help you with the employer mandate by determining if you are an applicable large employer. This analysis involves more than doing a head count of employees. If your company is only looking at the head count, it may be calculating incorrectly. We identify and document full-time, part-time, or seasonal employees and provide proper documentation for the classification of workers.

Our program gives employers various job and health plan design scenarios to determine which one will give the best economic and workforce result, depending on the company’s long-term goals. The ACA impacts each business differently and we personalize our approach to meet your needs. We can also assist you with reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act.


Benchmarking and Analytic Review

Benchmarking is a review of an organization’s overall financial picture compared to other organizations of the same type, size, and location. It is a graphical financial analysis that compares current financial information to historical financial information, and to industry averages or benchmarks. Benchmarking helps organizations identify efficiencies and deficiencies with respect to the financial situation. Benchmarking can be the driving force behind new paradigms, process improvement, and can identify opportunities for your organization. Casey Peterson, Ltd. consultants will provide an analysis of key financial ratios useful to management, donors, grantors, bonding and surety companies, and lending institutions. More importantly, we will help you understand your benchmark analysis and provide recommendations on how to capitalize on opportunities we may uncover during the process.


board member and management training

Each Director of the Board and management of a government or non-profit organization should have a clear understanding of how organizations differ from each other. Casey Peterson, Ltd. consultants can customize training to help board members and management be more effective, as well as gain a greater understanding of individual roles, operational issues, and the unique challenges of your specific government or non-profit.

We help board and management members understand their duties in carrying out the mission of your organization, as well as understand your organization’s unique financial and compliance issues, and how to assess the overall performance and effectiveness of your organization. We offer this service to existing or new board members and management.


Budgeting, forecasts, projections, and Cash Flow Analysis

Budgeting, forecasts, projections, and cash flow analysis are all similar services. We can help you determine which service is the right fit for your needs. The goal of each of these services is to estimate future financial performance by examining and analyzing current information. Assumptions can be incorporated into these analyses to develop various “what if” scenarios.

Budgets, forecasts, projections, and cash flow analysis are all vital tools in working with investors, lenders, granting agencies, and donors. These are also essential tools in assisting management in their decisions to expand services, acquire other companies, or discontinue portions of their business. Proper budgeting procedures can serve as one of the most effective controls for management and ensures individuals and organizations are properly prioritizing spending.


business transition, succession, and wealth transfer consulting

A business transition and succession plan is the efficient and orderly transfer of both the ownership and management interests of a business in the event of death, disability, or retirement. Having a succession plan decreases disruption of ongoing operations and minimizes potential conflict and litigation among successor owners and managers. The consultants at Casey Peterson, Ltd. will work with you to determine the best way to prepare for your company's future in the ever-changing financial market and help you create a succession plan that ensures your intentions as a business owner are carried out.


Business Valuation

A valuation establishes the dollar value of a business based on a combination of the income, assets, and market methodologies. They also provide a better understanding of the true profitability of a business. A valuation analysis by a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) at Casey Peterson, Ltd. can help a buyer or a seller make a wise business decision and develop a business financial plan that relates to the value of a company. A valuation also offers guidance for business decisions and investments and is a critical management and planning tool.

Historical cost can present a distortion of a company’s value and that is why it’s important to enlist a Casey Peterson, Ltd. CVA. They will give you the credibility and confidence necessary to make decisions or resolve disputes regarding the value of a business entity, the business financial plan, or intangibles, such as patent valuations.

Valuations can be used for:

  • Business acquisitions or divestures
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Expansion/contraction of business lines
  • New shareholder purchases
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs)
  • Financial planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Value building
  • Bankruptcies and reorganizations

Valuations also assist personal decisions involving:

  • Preparation of personal financial statements
  • Information for divorce proceedings
  • Estate planning
  • Succession planning
  • Gifting programs
  • Legal matters

consulting on changes in organizational structure/entity selection

Changes may occur in your organization’s structure as a result of a merger, acquisition, or dissolution. We understand your success is highly dependent upon ensuring proper corporate compliance, governance, accounting, and strategic directions being in place. Whether you are dissolving a non-profit, creating a new organization, or considering a merger, we can assist you in complying with State and IRS regulations. We can also help you perform due diligence and develop strategies to ensure your success prior to pursuing organizational changes.


contract negotiations

Understanding the financial impacts of contracts can sometimes be difficult. Perhaps more importantly, understanding industry norms during contract negotiations can help prevent future surprises. Because the professionals at Casey Peterson, Ltd. work with numerous businesses we know what works and what does not work when it comes to negotiating contracts. Perhaps you are negotiating a contract for goods or services, with your business partners, employees, or maybe considering buying or selling a business, or beginning a joint venture. Let the advisors at Casey Peterson, Ltd. guide you through the tax, financial, and compliance implications and provide insight on best practices for your specific industry.


divisive reorganization

Divisive reorganization is the restructuring of a company where one corporation transfers all or part of its assets to another corporation without tax implications. There are three types of divisive reorganization that the consultants at Casey Peterson Ltd. can assist you with – split-up, split-off, and spin-off. When a corporation is reorganized under this IRS tax provision there is no gain or loss for the company that receives the assets.


federal grant compliance consulting

There are numerous complex compliance requirements related to federal awards. But, when you have Casey Peterson, Ltd. experts on your side, you can rest assured you are compliant. We can guide your organization through the types of documentation required, understanding the complexity of various compliance requirements, and provide suggestions for tracking grant activities. This helps reduce the likelihood your organization will have to repay federal monies or endure regulatory scrutiny. We will also help you understand the compliance requirements related to federal awards prior to applying so you may avoid any additional costs that outweigh the benefits of the grant.


fraud examinations

Fraud can occur in any organization – even with trusted employees. Occupational fraud can also damage your reputation or derail your business financial plan to the point of putting you out of business. Let the experts at Casey Peterson, Ltd. help your organization prevent fraud by conducting a fraud prevention check-up on your business financial plan. Our Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) are trained to detect fraud, help you through the litigation and recovery process, and work with you to establish the necessary controls to mitigate fraud in the future. The theft of your organization’s financial resources can hinder an organization for many years. Let us help you prevent it, or in the unfortunate event it has occurred, let us help your organization recover its losses.


gift administration

Non-profit organizations may initiate fundraising campaigns, which require significant planning to ensure gifts solicited meet the organization’s needs and that donor wishes are maintained. Organizations may receive gifts other than cash including stocks, annuities, life insurance policies, and real estate, among others. Non-cash gifts can have unique accounting requirements and potential reporting to the IRS. Non-cash gifts can also have an impact on the tax-exempt status of some organizations. That’s why it’s important to enlist the help of Casey Peterson, Ltd. We can help your Board of Directors with compliance, governance, fiduciary, and accountability matters concerning gift administration. This includes gift annuities, bequests, campaign administration and accounting, endowment tracking, gift acceptance policies, investment management, investment portfolio performance and compliance, investment policy statement development and review, life insurance, as well as asset management.


healthcare practice management consulting

When it comes to healthcare practice management, our goal is to help you get back to your top priority – patient care. Our knowledgeable and experienced consultants can help you with contract review and negotiation, revenue cycle management, operational review, strategic planning, mergers or acquisitions, and our core services of tax, accounting, and audit. We can also help you choose the right type of entity, look at current financing, and assist with practice start-up.


Indirect Cost Rate Proposals

Our team of federal award experts has an in-depth understanding of federal cost circulars. This understanding will help you ensure compliance with federal regulations, and at the same time help maximize the reimbursement the organization is entitled to through the indirect cost rate included with a federal grant award. An indirect cost rate can help an organization capture the administrative costs of running a federal grant program. The proposal must be completed every year and approved by the organization’s cognizant agency.


interim controller, cfo, and business office services

Have you just lost your controller, CFO, or a key employee in your business office, or is your organization nearing its stage of maturity where controller or CFO support is needed? We have your solution. Our controllership, CFO, and business office services include taking responsibility for functions such as the organization’s financial statements, general ledger, cost accounting, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, tax compliance, and special analyses. These services are ideal for organizations that are not large enough to warrant a full-time controller or CFO or who need an interim controller, CFO, or business office support.

These services are designed to provide you with accounting services, financial oversight, supervisory training, and ongoing management assistance to aid you in your financial planning and lucrative endeavors. Our experienced professionals have performed numerous controllership, CFO, and business office support engagements, which have proven to be an effective solution for our clients. This service can be a cost-saving solution to enhancing and improving your internal and external financial reporting process and can also strengthen your organization’s internal controls.


Job Costing And Overhead Analysis

A significant factor in the profitability of any company is an understanding and appropriate allocation of its overhead. Comparing your overhead costs to industry norms and having benchmarks can help you improve your overall profitability. Casey Peterson, Ltd. consultants can help you better estimate an appropriate amount of overhead during the estimating and bidding process so that projects are more profitable. Our procedure for analyzing overhead includes identifying those expenses that should be included in overhead, determining an appropriate allocation method (labor hours, labor dollars, job costs, etc.), and developing an overall overhead rate to apply to jobs as they progress.


Joint Venture Consulting and Analysis

Joint ventures enable your organization to achieve results beyond what solely its resources can provide. It may be a certain type or size of project or a contract in a new geographic area. These consulting services help to choose the legal form of these arrangements as well as to plan, coordinate and track the projects to your satisfaction. The professionals at Casey Peterson, Ltd. can provide reliable advice, analysis, and accounting services to ensure your joint venture is successful. These services are typically provided prior to and after establishing a joint venture agreement.


litigation support

With decades of experience in litigation, our specialists can act as a consultant and/or an expert witness. We have testified in the areas of business valuation, fraud investigation, business interruption, shareholder dissent, wrongful death, and personal injury. We provide reports to both plaintiff and defense attorneys.

We understand each case is different, and we will work with you to determine where our expertise may be of the most benefit to you and your client.


medicare and medicaid cost report preparation

Because of the extremely complicated compliance requirements for both Medicare and Medicaid cost reports, it is in the best interest of providers to use an outsourced professional service firm like Casey Peterson, Ltd. In most cases, your Medicare and Medicaid cost reports are the driving force in ensuring your facility is being properly reimbursement for services provided to program beneficiaries.

Our goal in cost report preparation is to maximize reimbursement and cash flow for your facility. We involve your personnel throughout the process to gain an understanding of your operations. This understanding allows us to maximize your reimbursement by considering the unique characteristics of your facility. We also consider Medicare and Medicaid rules and regulations specific to your organization that may pose potential risks for your facility. We lead the way by providing you with the appropriate consultation and proactively advise you on how to maximize your facilities Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.


medicare and medicaid Reimbursement Consulting

The complexities of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement requires specific expertise that is difficult to find. Casey Peterson, Ltd. has what you’re looking for. Make sure your facility is being properly reimbursed for services provided to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. Insuring proper reimbursement is likely a key to the financial success of your healthcare practice. We assist hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and other healthcare organizations with an array of services including final settlement analysis and negotiations, case mix analysis, profitability and cost center analysis, and feasibility analysis of new services. Our experts keep up on the current regulations so our clients know about the continual changes in Medicare and Medicaid regulations and how those changes impact reimbursement. This knowledge combined with our reimbursement services ensures the financial success of our healthcare clients.


mergers, Acquisitions, and Reorganizations

A full-service accounting firm, like Casey Peterson, Ltd., can assist in all the areas critical to a successful merger or acquisition. Our professionals can help you with both sides of the transaction to minimize the risk and maximize the rewards. Our merger and acquisition consulting service also provides a discussion into strategic planning, succession planning, and business valuations based on financial markets in your area.


policy development

The IRS, granting agencies, and donors are continually analyzing non-profit organizations to ensure funds are being used appropriately and non-profit status is not being abused. There are numerous policies an organization should have in place to demonstrate sound governance, including endowment policies, investments, gift acceptance, and conflict of interest. Casey Peterson, Ltd. works with numerous non-profit organizations and can help draft policies for your organization or give guidance on existing policies to ensure proper accountability, governance, and controls.


Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the formulation of an internal plan to provide clients with the structure necessary to address the changing business environment. This process includes many non-accounting aspects, such as team training and market positioning. It focuses on putting clearly defined goals and objectives in place and considers strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, including marketing, competition, management structure, and numerous other items.

Our specific focus at Casey Peterson, Ltd. is helping clients discover the unexploited potential that lies within their organization. By implementing a strategic plan, you are enabling your organization to deal effectively and efficiently with future issues and challenges and to increase the chances of its continued viability.

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