GAAP Episode 003 - Where to Start With End-of-Life Planning

GAAP Episode 003 - Where to Start With End-of-Life Planning


Prepare to die! No, really. Well, maybe not right now. But, you, know, it's good to always be prepared. Anyway, in this episode, we sit down with CPA and Income Partner Lori Larson to talk about death, taxes, wills, and more. So, some good, light-hearted stuff. But seriously, why does it matter, what can you do, and where do you even begin on something of such monumental importance? Stick around to find out!

2:05 Why are people planning now, more than ever?

5:30 Why have a will?

8:36 What happens if you die without a will?

10:05 The costs of getting a will

13:25 Where DO you start planning?

16:03 What is probate, and what constitutes an estate?

19:00 How often should you review your will and documents?

22:45 Where should you keep important documents?

25:24 Other things to keep for your loved ones

30:33 What did the elephant say when he stopped in the middle of telling a story?

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