Now Hiring CPAs and EAs

Now Hiring CPAs and EAs

05/1/2024 Tags: Careers, Open Positions, Announcements

If you’re a certified public accountant or enrolled agent looking for an opportunity to make a difference while enjoying more flexibility, let’s talk.

This position could be a great fit for you if you:

  • Have the drive and skills to develop client relationships
  • Understand how to advise clients with a plan to help develop and attain their financial goals
  • Live in or around our three main locations: Rapid City, South Dakota, Gillette, Wyoming, and Chadron, Nebraska


But why would you want to talk to us about this position?

We put our people first. Comp time is one of the things we offer to create some work-life balance. Our teams have busy seasons, but you earn comp time for hours you work over your regular monthly schedule. You can bank those hours and use them for paid time off during less busy seasons or cash them out during certain times of the year.

We also offer:

  • Great pay, benefits, and flexibility.
  • The chance to work hybrid or remotely.
  • Other highly experienced, knowledgeable co-workers who are happy to help.
  • Balance so you can focus on what’s most important in your life.
  • Continuing professional education paid by the firm.
  • A wide array of services to give you the chance to specialize in an area that interests you.


How do we differ from a Big Four firm?

You don’t have to be just a “number cruncher.” When you work for Casey Peterson, LTD — whether in our around our offices in Rapid City, South Dakota, Gillette, Wyoming, and Chadron, Nebraska you’ll have endless opportunities to develop new skills and to work when and where you are most productive. We’re always open to finding different ways to get work done more efficiently, and you can play a role in that process.

While a good job can be challenging, we know there are limits. Working too much is not good for our team members or our clients. Our clients deserve quality, error-free work, and when team members work too much, we jeopardize their health and our reputation.

You’ll also have the chance to make a difference. The many services we offer clients mean we help improve their lives and play a critical role in their business strategy. You can also be involved in nonprofit causes personally or as part of a team.

In a large firm, you might just work with a few clients. Here, you will work with all kinds of clients across all kinds of industries. That exposure gives you more opportunities to find what you truly love.

If you have any questions about this position, feel free to contact us.


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At Casey Peterson, LTD, we understand not everyone loves the complexities of accounting like we do. That's what sets us apart from the rest. Our CPAs, accountants, and financial advisors truly love numbers, solving problems, and creating business and financial strategies for our clients.

We’re looking for clients who believe in good customer service — clients who want CPAs, accountants, and financial advisors who are big-picture thinkers and ethical problem solvers. We’re looking for relationships, not transactions.

If you want the same, we should talk.

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