Meet Our Team | Jessica Miller

Meet Our Team | Jessica Miller

08/6/2019 Tags: Announcements, In the News

Marketing Manager

Join us in welcoming our newest team member at Casey Peterson, Ltd., Jessica Miller. Jessica joined us in June as our Marketing Manager and came with over a decade of experience in communications and project management for nonprofits and small businesses.

Jessica lives at the intersection of design and place. She merges her skills in marketing and design with her experience as a values-based problem solver and grassroots organizer who enjoys building sustainable solutions. She grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota and relishes every chance she gets to explore its granite rocks, pines, and streams.

She has a degree in Interior Design from South Dakota State University and a Certificate in Permaculture from The Permaculture Institute. Jessica is a Rapid City Collective Impact Emerging Leader fellow, a graduate of Leadership Rapid City 2014 and Intermedia Art's Creative Community Leadership Institute, as well as a 2015 Rushmore Honors recipient from the Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce for her contributions to the local arts community.

She is admittedly obsessed with all things local from food to art and believes in the power of design and place to transform communities. When not focusing on enhancing the client experience with Casey Peterson, Ltd., Jessica can be found hiking in the Black Hills or planning theme parties.

Favorite Quote

“Be here now.” -Ram Dass

Top 3 Books/Podcasts

Story Brand with Donald Miller, Invisibilia Podcast, and Start with Why by Simon Sinek


What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?

My most memorial meal was a Kaiseki, a traditional multi-course dinner at a hotel and spa in Northern Japan. The endless assortment of food was like a work of art with sashimi, an entire grilled fish that I had to try to eat with only chopsticks, and a hot soup cooked right at my table. The setting was enchanting because we were able to watch the sunset on the Sea of Japan as we dined. I am not sure how much I actually ate though because we were frequently interrupted with toasts, songs, and exchanging gifts with my sister-in-law’s family.

What’s your secret talent that no one knows about?

I can knock out a 1000-piece puzzle in one sitting without looking at the image on the box.

If you could be any animal, which would you be?

A hummingbird. Their seemingly carefree and happy flight, reminds us to live in the moment and enjoy life’s simple moments.

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