​IRS Releases New Document Upload Tool

​IRS Releases New Document Upload Tool

02/24/2023 Tags: Announcements, In the News

If you’ve got tax issues to address, the IRS is trying to save you time with a new document upload tool.

Right now, the IRS’s tool will allow for document uploads to respond to these nine notices:

  • CP04 about combat zone status
  • CP05A about an information request related to a refund
  • CP06 and CP06A about the Premium Tax Credit
  • CP08 about the Child Tax Credit
  • CP09 about claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit
  • CP75 about the EITC
  • CP75A also about the EITC
  • CP75D also about the EITC and other credits

If you receive any of those nine notices, it should contain a link and a unique access code. Those will allow you to access the document upload tool, and you’ll have 30 days to respond. You should be able to respond to the notices securely online, even if you don’t have an IRS online account.

The IRS also says it plans to expand the tool to include other kinds of notices. The agency also says it wants to offer digital correspondence for other kinds of taxpayer communications. Earlier this year, the Information Returns Intake System — or IRIS — rolled out to taxpayers. IRIS gives 1099 filers the option to create, upload, edit, view information, and download completed copies.

If you have questions about notices or electronic filing options, let us know.

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