​A Guide To Help You With End-Of-Life Planning

​A Guide To Help You With End-Of-Life Planning

01/6/2022 Tags: Announcements

It can be overwhelming to consider all the details that have to be handled when you die. Because of that, some people just don’t ever think about it or make a plan.

But that creates extra burdens on your loved ones at a time that’s already difficult for them.

Although thinking about and planning for the end of your life isn’t always pleasant, it is necessary. Not only will it ensure that your friends and family carry out your final requests, but it’ll also make the process easier on them.

Keep in mind that no matter your financial situation, you have an estate. It’s made up of everything you own, including your car, home, other real estate, investments and checking accounts, life insurance, furniture, and other personal possessions.

When it comes to deciding what you want to have happen to your estate, it’s easiest if you break it into manageable pieces. To help you through that process, we put together a guide called “Before You Go …”

You can use this e-booklet as a starting place for organizing important documents and details. It’s a useful tool for gathering your thoughts and making plans so those you leave behind won’t have to carry quite so much of a burden. If you’d prefer to have a hard copy, feel free to contact us.

If you have any financial or tax questions about your end-of-life planning, please reach out to us.

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