Casey Peterson, LTD and Gardner, Loutzenhiser and Ryan, P.C. to merge

Casey Peterson, LTD and Gardner, Loutzenhiser and Ryan, P.C. to merge

12/20/2022 Tags: Announcements, In the News

“Lead the Way” is the driving force behind everything we do at the firm. We strive to lead the way with our clients, communities, and industry.

Part of leading the way is looking for opportunities for the firm to grow.

In addition to taking on new clients and projects, we’re also always open to mergers and acquisitions that would make sense.

To that end, we’re excited to announce our merger with Gardner, Loutzenhiser and Ryan, P.C.

Gardner, Loutzenhiser & Ryan, P.C. serves the panhandle of Nebraska with locations in Chadron, Gordon, and Mullen, Nebraska, and Torrington, Wyoming. The firm provides tax accounting and payroll services to individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and government entities in rural western Nebraska, eastern Wyoming, and southern South Dakota. Their purpose is to utilize “exceptional people and current technology to provide high-quality tax and accounting services in our diverse rural environment.”

For clients of both firms, there will be minimal disruptions, other than GLR adopting the Casey Peterson, LTD name. All clients will continue working with the CPAs, accountants, and other team members they’ve worked with previously. In the long term, the merger will give clients of both firms access to more resources and experts who can help them manage their tax, accounting, and financial needs.

The merger does not affect the job status of anyone at either firm. Both firms also remain committed to community involvement, including donations, sponsorships, and volunteer opportunities.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this merger. We’re excited about what the future looks like for us all.

If you have any questions about this latest change, please reach out to us.


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