4 options to help you organize your online digital info

4 options to help you organize your online digital info

01/20/2020 Tags: Announcements, In the News

If you made a New Year’s resolution to get more organized or just want some help finding better ways to manage your digital data, here are a few suggestions to help you manage your online files:

  • Get a password manager: There are lots of digital options — including the popular LastPass or Dashlane — that will help you remember your passwords and your important personal information, like your driver’s license number or your spouse’s Social Security number. The beauty of these options is that they’re more secure than just a text document or spreadsheet with all your sensitive info. Do your research and choose one that scores high marks for security and gives you the option to use it on your home computer and your cell phone, for added convenience.

  • Find a digital storage solution that fits you: Storing important files or photos only on your home computer can become a problem if your computer crashes or gets hacked. Fortunately, there are several different cloud-based options to store your information. You could also use an external hard drive. Although, hard drives can be a little inconvenient, and you run the risk of losing it or having it stolen. If you do opt for a cloud service, just like a password manager, you’ll want an option that is rated highly for security and reliability. Google Drive and Dropbox are popular options that are free or affordable.
    • Organize those files: After you find a digital storage option that works for you, make sure to use a good filing system to keep everything organized.
      • Keep your number of folders to a minimum.
      • Be smart about naming your folders so you can find what you need easily later.
      • Separate your business files from your personal ones.
  • Consider a subscription tracker: If you have a ton of monthly subscriptions to streaming services, ad blockers, apps, etc., a solution to help you track those payments can come in handy. Track My Subs and Bobby come highly recommended.
  • Simplify your taxes: We offer a couple of digital options — including TaxCaddy and SafeSend — that can simplify your tax season. With TaxCaddy, you can automatically gather and share your tax documents with us and electronically sign your documents from anywhere. And with SafeSend, you’ll receive your tax return safely and securely through our digital platform. Check with one of our friendly tax pros to see if these options are right for you.

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